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Davey Richards: Medical student by day, MLW wrestler by night, joins Under The Ring

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He's not a doctor, but he will be soon.

Pro wrestler Davey Richards took a hiatus of about four years from the wrestling scene while he worked on completing medical school. He is now two exams away from becoming an emergency room physician.

In the ring, he's as active - or maybe more active - than he's been. He'll be competing for Major League Wrestling on at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Battle Riot IV at Melrose Ballroom in Long Island City. Richards will be wrestling in the 40-man Battle Riot, as well as challenging Alex Kane for the National Openweight Championship.

In the interview, Richards discusses his heavy workload, why he chose MLW to be such a big part of this part of his career and what it's like studying to become an emergency room physician while being an active pro wrestler.

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